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Tracing Light

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"Tracing Light is an album that draws the listener into a deep and mysterious world of vocal beauty, superb musicianship, and shining intelligence."
- Robert Sadin, multi-Grammy award winning producer

"It could be argued that Biali's path — from growing up in North Vancouver to living life in the Big Apple — is encapsulated in her latest album. Tracing Light sounds like an old nighttime black-and-white photograph, the tail lights of cars leaving sinuous imprints of their paths long after they have gone."
- Vancouver Sun

"The tunes on Tracing Light range from sensitive treatments of jazz standards to funky piano workouts - but for all its stylistic range, Biali's latest is still accessible."
- Eye Magazine


Laila Biali (vocals, piano, arrangements), George Koller (bass), Larnell Lewis (drums), Ben Wittman (percussion), Rob Piltch (guitar), Guido Basso (harmonica, flugelhorn), Kelly Jefferson (tenor sax), Waleed Abdulhamid (vocals)

Produced by George Koller. Engineered by George Seara (Phase One Studios)


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